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Fade to Gray

We Cannot Speak of Evil When We Refuse to Speak of Good
by David Mills


East Reads West

A Conference of Orthodox Readings of Augustine May Help to Bridge a Gap
by William J. Tighe


As It Is Written...

Calvary Temple

by Patrick Henry Reardon

20.7—September 2007


Retaking Mars Hill

Paul Didn’t Build Bridges to Popular Culture
by Russell D. Moore

Elect from Every Nation

Racial Reconciliation Won’t Happen If We Don’t Take Ephesians Seriously
by Paul Kjoss Helseth


The Arius Factor

Patrick Henry Reardon on the Dynamics of Dogmas & Anathemas

Writers Cramped

Donald T. Williams on Three Things Evangelical Authors Can Learn from Flannery O’Connor

Course Correction

Perry Glanzer on Why Religion Departments Aren’t Exactly Religious

book reviews

Shades of Sheol

Resurrection and the
Restoration of Israel
by Jon D. Levenson
reviewed by Peter J. Leithart

Dead Men Russian

House Of Meetings
by Martin Amis
reviewed by Franklin Freeman

Science Club

Darwin Strikes Back: Defending the Science of Intelligent Design
by Thomas Woodward
reviewed by Louis Markos

Luther’s End

Is the Reformation Over?
by Mark A. Noll and Carolyn Nystrom
reviewed by Carl E. Olson

Conservative Fundamentals

The Essential Russell Kirk: Selected Essays edited by George A. Panichas
reviewed by Gillis J. Harp


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