iStock 000027269328 Small 216x300 Judge Grinch Banishes Baby Jesus

Christmas is always a time of great cheer, and there is little that brings people closer than a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For one Indiana government-run high school, however, such is not the case this year. The Honorable U.S. District Court Judge Jon “The Grinch” DeGuilio, appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama in 2010, issued an injunction against Concord Community Schools earlier this month. (Judge DeGuilio, you made your Italian nonna ashamed of you!) So, what was their crime? The students planned to present a live Nativity scene during the Concord High School Christmas Spectacular. Horror of horrors! So Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and the Three Wise Men are now banished by Judge DeGuilio. In his ruling, Judge DeGuilio said that the students would not be permitted to “organize, rehearse or present any Nativity scene that is comprised of live performers during its 2015 Christmas Spectacular.” While I, of course, would never write this, but the Honorable Judge’s Wikipedia entry also includes this bon mot: “On December 2, 2015, Judge DeGuilio banned the Baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men by issuing an injunction against Concord (Ind.) Community Schools that said Concord High School could not perform Bible readings and a live nativity because a whining father and his kid who are obviously not saved and are going to Hell felt threatened by celebrating, you know, the whole reason why Christmas is celebrated.”

Although I can appreciate the sentiment in the Wikipedia entry, as a world-famous blogger, I would write the following instead: The Christmas Spectacular, modeled after the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular, has been performed by students in Elkhart, Indiana, since 1970, when Judge DeGuilio was 15 years old. But those pesky lawyers from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (“FFRF”) and the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana (“ACLU”) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a family whose child is in the production. The unnamed father and his child (I wonder why they are hiding?) said that they were “offended” by the inclusion of the Nativity scene, as well as Bible readings. Foolishly, the high school administrators tried to accommodate the father and child by removing the Bible readings, but that was not good enough. (Did you ever notice that with Leftists or Islamists, nothing suffices for them except a total victory?) In their court filings, dad and child alleged that the inclusion of the Nativity sent a message that “Christians are favored by the school while non-Christians such as themselves are outsiders.” I usually write a few articles on these pages each Christmas about the efforts of the FFRF in particular to eradicate Christianity from the public square and to silence Christians. But this year, for some reason, the FFRF and the ACLU seem to have kept a lower profile.

In the Honorable Judge’s ruling, he wrote, “The living nativity scene impermissibly conveys an endorsement of religion and thus runs afoul of the Establishment Clause.” Of course, he missed the free exercise part of the First Amendment (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”). But there could be an important reason why the Living Nativity is overtly religious: Your Honor, Christmas is about the birth of the Lord Jesus. School District Superintendent John Trout said that he was “disappointed,” but will comply with the Honorable Judge’s anti-Christian court order. It might seem easy for me to write this, but the school district, in this Age of Obama, an era known for its never-ending governmental lawlessness, the students should just have gone ahead and enjoyed performing the Christmas Spectacular anyway. After all, would the Honorable Judge simply placed all of the performers in jail? In any event, I bet the other inmates would have enjoyed seeing the Christmas Spectacular. I just hope that the biggest church in Elkhart invites the young people, the orchestra, and the parents to come and enjoy the Christmas Spectacular, where Christians celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.