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Christianity American Style

by James Hitchcock


Mad About Religion

Norman Lear Launches New Religious Partnership
by Mark Tooley


As It Is Written...

The Journey of the Magi

by Patrick Henry Reardon

Practical Christianity

The Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude

by Thomas S. Buchanan

The Leading Edge

Back Home in Mitford

by Phillip E. Johnson

14.10—December 2001


The Model Family

The Role & Character of the Family in Christianity
by Jean-Marc Berthoud

Death Wish II

Euthanasia, the Second Time Around
by Allan C. Carlson

Childish Things

The Theology & Sentiments of Baby Worship
by Chene Heady


When Marriage Is Dying

Peter J. Leithart on the Meaning of Christian Marriage

The Sword of Justice

J. Daryl Charles on Revenge & Retribution

Passing on True Religion

Louis R. Tarsitano on Islam, Christianity, and Moral Education

Christendom Tamed

Peter Toon on Postmodernity & Asceticism

book reviews

Lucid Love

The Journals of Father
Alexander Schmemann: 1973?1983
translated by Juliana Schmemann
reviewed by L. Joseph Letendre

Of Trees & Tradition

Environmental Stewardship in
the Judeo-Christian Tradition
edited by Michael B. Barkey
reviewed by John Oliver


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