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Where’s Your Dignity?
Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 10:42 AM

Roberta Green Ahmanson writes at Public Discourse about the New Dignity. An excerpt:

The New Dignity is a Gnostic project, and Gnosticism was always an elitist enterprise. As it was in the Greek and Roman worlds, so now there are signs that this New Dignitarian playground will be open and available only to serve the desires and the projects of cultural and political elites. For those on the margins, it portends new forms of enslavement.

The writings of the apostle Paul and the teachings of Jesus gave birth to a new culture built on human dignity. Today’s apostle of the New Dignity, Anthony Kennedy, has provided the movement with its own sacred text. An acquaintance recently attended a wedding (of a man and a woman, and not in a church) where the first “reading” at the ceremony was a passage from the majority opinion in Obergefell.

Sacred Scripture from the Inspired Pen of Justice Kennedy? He is High Priest of the Cult of the Autonomous Individual. There is no such thing as an autonomous individual in society. Never was, never will be. (Language is just one reason why this is so.) Our dignity is a gift, endowed by our Creator.

“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Lose on Campus”
Monday, November 23, 2015, 11:32 AM

Mad Student Disease is sweeping our nation’s campuses, while Foot-in-Mouth Disease is allegedly spreading among faculty. Where will this end? A Bang? or Just Whimper Softly? Thank you, Academy: You’ve trained these students as our Future Leaders. The tenured radicals who were/are responsible are/will be in their graves as the fruits of their labors ripen and fall. And the bonus: students get to go into debt for all this “education.”

Could America Survive without Religion?
Thursday, November 19, 2015, 2:39 PM

So asks Touchstone Senior Editor, Robert P. George at Public Discourse. Those who see religion as “the problem” have no idea how grim the alternative is.

Similarly, Russell Kirk asked in a 1992 Heritage Foundation lecture, can there be “Civilization Without Religion?” His lecture was published in Touchstone in 1993. Near the end, Kirk asks:

“What ails modern civilization? Fundamentally, our society’s affliction is the decay of religious belief. If a culture is to survive and flourish, it must not be severed from the religious vision out of which it arose. The high necessity of reflective men and women, then, is to labor for the restoration of religious teachings as a credible body of doctrine.”

That, dear readers, is part of mission of Touchstone. Kirk was one of our very first financial supporters, signing on to our project with these words:

“In a bent time, Touchstonespeaks up courageously for sound doctrine. It does not evade the great questions at issue. Through its pages a conscience speaks to a conscience.” We labor for restoration of faith, for Christ, creed and culture. Join the Touchstone conversation today.

November 18: Patrick Fagan Launches MARRIpedia in D.C.
Monday, November 16, 2015, 10:15 AM

A formal launch takes place in D. C. on Wed. Nov. 18. Register here.


At the October meeting of the World Congress of Families, Dr. Patrick Fagan unveiled MARRIpedia, a newly-launched online social science encyclopedia of all matters related to family, marriage, religion, and sexuality. MARRIpedia synthesizes and translates the work of myriad social scientists into concise, issue-specific entries that are intelligible to the lay reader.

As research continues to emerge on the intricate relationships of family and religion within society, MARRIpedia will continuously synthesize that research into pertinent entries. The numerous cross-links illustrate the overlap of family, religion, and a vast array of issues — such as education, the economy, poverty, crime, and abuse.

The purpose of MARRIpedia is to let the data do the talking. We hope to facilitate societal change by delivering the power of robust social science findings to the actors in families, churches, schools, and other “people-forming” institutions. Thus informed, citizens can effect changes for the good. Visit MARRIpedia now at www.marripedia.org, and join MARRI and the Family Research Council as Dr. Fagan delivers an encore of his presentation at the World Congress of Families.

Locker Room Insanity
Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 10:29 AM

Call it just another example of “sexual relativisim” (there is nothing fixed or absolute about sex), it is also mental suicide: “transgender” boys (with penises) must be allowed to shower in the open with girls in girl’s locker room in public schools–thus saith the Federal Oracle. Stories are here (by Laurie Higgins) and here (Rod Dreher). Seriously, our rulers have lost their minds.

When a similar issue arose about “transgenders” and bathrooms, we tried but failed to take advantage of the crisis, and made no money advertising or selling Gender Drop. Perhaps someone will design a port-a-shower that can only be used by one person at a time, in private. Blindfolds and heavy gloves will be included for any students who don’t want to be reminded of their sex.

David Daleiden – The Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Exposé
Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 2:06 PM

Here is a must-read interview with David Daleiden, the “Man Behind the Planned Parenthood” Exposé.

Ancient Faith Radio, operated by my friend and colleague, John Maddex, is to be commended for pursuing this interview with the person responsible for exposing and holding up to the light one of the most shameful aspects of our so-called culture of Choice. Killing, dismemberment, the sale of body parts and human flesh (“tissue”!)–I thought American’s fought a Civil War over such tyranny and trafficking in human flesh and settled the matter many many years ago, at great cost?

Wichita Hosts a Brave New Inkling Event with Louis Markos!
Friday, July 10, 2015, 11:35 AM

Next weekend, July 17-18, our Good Friends at the Eighth Day Institute in Wichita, Kansas, are hosting an Inkling Festival, featuring Louis Markos as speaker, plus meals, live music, performances and more. You will meet many Touchstone sort of people there and have a good time:

• Festal Banquet: We invite you to join us as we travel back in time and space. We’ll pass through a wardrobe to enter The Eagle & Child, the famous British pub where so many of the Inkling publications were read aloud and discussed before publication. We’ll have a British-themed meal, plenty of pints, and Inkling music. To cap it all off, Louis Markos will introduce you to the world of the Inklings.

Morning & Afternoon Lectures: Following Third Hour prayer at 9 am, Saturday morning will kick off with Kevin O’Brien offering a dramatic performance of Tolkien’s famous essay “On Fairie Stories.” Two keynote lectures by Louis Markos and three breakout sessions will follow, all focused on our main theme: “The Ethics of Elfland: Virtue & Vice in Narnia & Middle Earth.” Lunch is included.

• We have five local bands lined up with Mitch McVicker as our headliner for an evening full of Live Music. Every half hour we’ll have local craftsmen offering a seminar on “The Art of the Common Place.” We’re organizing plenty of Inkling Activities for the kids, so please bring the whole family (16 and under enter free). We’ll have local brewers of beer offering complimentary drinks. And our friends from District Taqueria and Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen will be selling great food.

Cost: only $75, with meals! See more options.



Touchstone Will Resist: Join Us
Monday, June 29, 2015, 10:22 AM

 Touchstone has been accused of being rigid in its positions on many hot button issues. Yes, we are “staunchly” conservative or traditional when it comes to the sanctity of life and the sacredness of marriage.  In the United States, the Roe v. Wade decision of the Supreme Court was based on lies, demonstrably so. Friday’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage is every bit as illegitimate as Roe v Wade. You can call abortion a choice if you wish, but doing so doesn’t make in any less a killing as well. There is no such thing as gay marriage. There is this thing envisioned by the court, and you can call it marriage if you wish, and insist that it is not a redefinition, but it is not marriage; if it were, it would also be a redefinition, one which the Supreme Court says citizens have no right to oppose and must accept. We at Touchstone will resist this, as we have Roe v. Wade–and any Christians or “churches” who embrace or enable the culture of death to devour more lives.

Dear reader, if you have benefited from Touchstone or Mere Comments,  please make a donation today to help us keep publishing both in print and online. The end of our fiscal year is tomorrow June 30, and we are facing a $70,000 deficit!  Your generous contribution today will help us pay our bills and keep us going in the new fiscal year.

As an incentive for you to make a donation today, I will send you a free copy of Creed and Culture, the best essay of Touchstone‘s first ten years. To get your free copy, you must make a donation online today or tomorrow and just add one dollar to any amount you wish to give – – i.e., make it $26 or $51 or $101 or $251 or $1001, and so on. Please, your online gift today will help us continue in the days ahead. Please join us as a friend of Mere Comments and Touchstone in our defense of sound teaching.  Thank you!

Make sure to read below Michael Avramovich’s “Some Reflections on Obergefell v. Hodges”.

A Physician’s Tribute: “Thank You Fr. Roman”
Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 12:21 PM

Dr. Dan Hinshaw has written this moving tribute to Fr. Roman Braga, who fell asleep in the Lord on April 28 in Michigan. Part of the story of Fr. Roman’s life is told in this interview I did with him in 2011 for Salvo magazine.

Fr.RomanB 150x150 A Physicians Tribute: Thank You Fr. RomanFr. Roman was actually a fan of Salvo magazine, and asked about its welfare the last time I saw him in 2013, even after he knew he was dying from cancer. He even donated regularly to help support Salvo, which he told me, with a smile, was “a scary magazine!” If you’d like to add your support to his, your gift made here will also be doubled by a generous donor who is offering us a $50,000 matching grant.

I will miss Father Roman. Memory eternal!

Kinder, Gentler Brownshirts
Thursday, April 2, 2015, 1:31 PM

There are no columns of uniformed young men marching in the streets, touting their sudden rise to power, bearing flags with emblems of their cause. Should we see in the Chicago Loop, say, a parade with ISIS banners in support of the conquests and terror abroad–our media would surely report the scene, and maybe even venture a polite comment or two, just to be safe.

But they are silent about the dark truth behind the frenzy of threats from all over the country made to a state that dared pass a law essentially identical to laws in place in many states–a law modeled directly on a religious freedom law passed 97-3 in the Senate and signed by President Bill Clinton–with a similar law passed in Illinois and approved by then State Senator Barack Obama. The media is not only silent about the true story; they are feeding the frenzy by misrepresentation.

And the dark truth is that the homosexualists apparently hold that religious objections to same-sex marriage are intolerable for any reason and worthy of contempt and unworthy of protection. The law passed is not about homosexuality, marriage, gays, straights, gender–only about giving legal recourse, a day in court, to religious believers who believe they are being forced to violate their consciences. The law is not about “gays.” It’s about religious freedom.

But because of the wave of pro “gay marriage” court victories, overturning voter referenda and laws passed by representative government (our attempt at democracy), the activists feel they are in the driver’s seat and are going to roll over and smash any remaining opposition. And perhaps they will, aside from pockets of resistance. (Will they force affirmation of sodomy on the Amish?)

So, when Indiana–surely in part because of the persecution meted out to private citizens who expressed religious objections to, say, photographing a gay wedding–moves to catch up with federal law by adopting its own state version of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the homosexualists saw their opportunity to punish the most recent move to protect citizens from FORCE. They obviously want to force compliance.

The homosexualists and allies need not wear brownshirts, march, beat up people, nor even consider a new Kristallnacht for the Hoosier State and the others who dare not speak to affirm their ways. What did it take to enable the revolutionaries to intimidate (including private death threats) their opponents with less visible means–kinder, gentler, but no less effective? It took not only the silence of politicians who once supported RFRA but also their denunciations of Indiana–and a news media that covers up the news.

Apparently a law allowing for citizens to appeal to our courts to protect their religious scruples is just too much to bear for these homosexualists who march under the banner of inclusivity and tolerance. What will these brownshirts think of next? Reeducation camps? They will need a new motto. Instead of “Arbeit macht frei,” perhaps, “Compliance Makes You Free”?

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