Seriously, societies change very slowly when people’s livelihoods may be affected. The silversmiths in ancient Ephesus whipped up a mob protesting Paul’s evangelical threat to the popularity of their goddess Diana since the smiths made a killing selling silver images of the little darling.

What’s worse is reluctance to allow solutions to social ills to languish, blocked by those who profit directly or indirectly from the negative outcomes. They care more about their livelihoods or simply the status quo than the good of the neighbor or of “humanity” in general.

It would be like the American Body Shop Association opposing traffic lights at dangerous intersections.

Screen Shot 2017 12 12 at 3.08.59 PM 300x204 Its the Wreckers Economy, Stupid!But our wrecker economy is not as direct as the one I wrote about in this Salvo column, the wreckers of 19th-century England who opposed lighthouses because they thrived on salvaging goods from shipwrecks. Our wreckers’ economy is so large it’s hard to see it. We just take it for granted. There are undoubtedly people who are doing a service while benefitting from the general wreck of society. The latter might be like a young sympathetic English entrepreneur raised by wreckers who decides to produce and sell life-jackets and life-boats and warm blankets to aid sailors fleeing wrecks, all the while the wreckers continue to oppose building lighthouses that would stop the wreckage in the first place.

Our chief Wreck of the Century (20th, that is) is the family, sunk by the submerged rocks of the sexual revolution. No doubt employment opportunities among certain professions have risen dramatically since sex was turned on its head, transformed from a protected congress of the sexes within a licit marital union to something,¬†anything, “sexual” you can do (or get away with doing) short of coercing someone else to do it with you.

The list of rising employment opportunities during the Sexual Boom and the trailing Family Breakdown is impressive:

Pornographers. Abortionists. STD researchers. Sex Education teachers and curriculum publishers. Lobbyists for sexual offenses legal reform. Sexual dysfunction products and counselors and treatment centers. No fault divorce lawyers. Child custody lawyers. Child advocates. Post-abortion counselors. Sexual harassment policy writers and counselors. Police, criminal lawyers, prison guards and architects (yes, most men in prison were not raised in intact families). Child pornography.

True, among the above are some services that must be offered in compassion once the damage has been done, so I do not fault those who wish to serve hurting people. They are needed. But what about stopping the sources of hurt farther upstream? Are there credible efforts to suppress the rate of divorce? Shore up marital commitment? Suppress teen promiscuity, sexual trafficking, hooking up?

Or is society satisfied that a eager read of Fifty Shades of Grey is the innocent new normal, while being shocked at all the sexual abuse going on? We’ve approved of lighting the fire of sex outside the safety of the family hearth and are surprised that the countryside is aflame and houses are burning to the ground.

No doubt many people hired some of the above professionals because they did not “want to ruin my life.” And the choices were hard. Nevertheless, the cumulative effect of so many choices is the ruination of a generation and more. When everyone says me first–which can be our fallen inclination when given choices other may have never dreamed of–no one is first, least of all the most vulnerable and needy among us: the children. We should be ashamed, but few seem to even know what the word even means anymore, let alone feel it. It’s time to build lighthouses.