IMG 3441 225x300 Society of FriendsI think I have purchased every under-$25 copy of  Cold Friday by Whittaker Chambers on the internet.  I use one for underlining and margin notes.  Another I keep clean as a backup.  The rest are future gifts for those I deem worthy.

As far as I know, I’ve read just about everything Chambers wrote and I can’t recall any laugh-out-loud moments.  But then this morning I read this:

P.S. For no better reason than the fact that I was reminded of it last night, let me close with an irrelevant story which I find amusing. After the Hiss trials, I attended my first Quaker meeting in two years. I found myself the only man in a group of women Friends.We sat as usual in a circle. Facing me was Mrs. XXX who might have modeled for one of the Helen Hokinson ladies.  For an hour, the silence was total, rather than rewarding.  Mrs. XXX herself ended it.  Emerging from the mystic depths, she glanced across at me and asked: “Does thee feel that Dean Acheson must go?”