At the core of this story about men faring badly in the new economic normal, is this observation in the article:

Among children raised in single-parent households, however, boys performed significantly less well than their sisters in school, and their employment rate as young adults was lower. “Relative to their sisters,” Autor and his collaborators wrote, “boys born to disadvantaged families” — with disadvantage measured here by mother’s marital status and education — “have higher rates of disciplinary problems, lower achievement scores, and fewer high-school completions.”

Now the idea that boys raised in homes without their fathers, or not raised in the same home with both (‘biological’) parents do not fare as well as other boys–that is not news. But it’s not a story that current cultural elites and leaders want to hear much, let alone influence their thinking in such a way as to rethink what has been our society’s primary post-60s myths about sex, marriage, and families. The kids Aren’t okay. And they’re going into men who aren’t okay either.