Is this Fake News or is The Washington Post is just reporting the facts? And who better to get facts from than a Scientist, those modern all-knowing, always-to-be-trusted human beings like the rest of us yokels?

So, WaPo’s headline:
“Could cannibalism be ‘perfectly natural’? This scientist thinks so.”

What followed was an interview of author Bill Schutt (BS) with WaPo’s “Speaking of Science” (SOS), which includes:

SOS: You were invited by a woman who runs a placenta encapsulation company to taste a placenta.

BS: Mmmhmm.

SOS: So — how was it?

BS: It tasted fine. It was prepared by a chef. He cooked it osso bucco so he knew what he was doing, and he cooked it with veggies. You know he assured me all the veggies are organic. And I was like, “Thank God for that, you know, I wouldn’t want to eat human placenta with nonorganic vegetables.”

But he poured some really nice wine into it, and it smelled great, and it tasted fine. I’m sure anybody else who tasted it would have said the same thing.

SOS: And you consider that cannibalism?

BS: There is a large fetal component to [the placenta]. It’s not all maternal tissue. So therefore, in a sense, you are eating a part of another person, and it’s flesh, and in my book that translates to cannibalism.

SO: The “fetal component” is “part of another” PERSON? Oops.  Could moral insanity also be “perfectly natural”? To find out, ask a scientist.