I have for many years dealt with feminism, particularly in its religious form, as an adversary, regarding it as an enemy of the human race because it is the enemy of half its members.  If I were to be asked to explain briefly what it is, and what is wrong with it, I would reply it is a form of utopianism, essentially an insanity, founded on refusal to accept the male as male.

If the lovely, but very young, Emma Watson wonders out loud before a United Nations audience why so many strangely take feminism for man-hating, the answer is that even if someone feels no ill-will toward men in general, but supports programs that proscribe maleness in accordance with a formula that makes them “equal” to women despite their manifest differences, this denies their being as male and prohibits them from exercising it. What better practical example might there be of hatred, especially interesting among those who invariably find it among people who refuse to accept sexual deviation as personal identity?  What about granting the same to men who will not submit to castration?

But no–feminism has filled the world with the sound of what “women” (i.e., feminists) are and want, but as if maleness has no legitimate existence. Its fingers are securely in its ears, its blinders firmly fixed, its defining cruelty unrecognized with respect to this reality, its egalitarianism being, beyond the comprehension of its advocates, a triumph of injustice with a genocidal telos.