On January 20, 2016, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. President-elect Trump has pledged to appoint justices to the Supreme Court in the mold of the late Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, a strict constructionist who interpreted the Constitution based upon a narrow definition of its language without reference to the differences in societal conditions. Thus, under the doctrine of strict construction, matters such as abortion, gay “marriage,” and transgendered bathrooms, topics about which the Constitution is clearly silent, do not fall under the purview and jurisdiction of the federal government.

On these pages, I have written a number of articles about the enthusiastic support of Planned Parenthood for Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy, who in the third presidential debate stated the partial birth abortion was constitutionally justifiable and further said that she would support judges who would support the right of women to abort their children until moments before birth. Planned Parenthood, which receives more than half a billion federal taxpayer dollars each year and aborts more than 320,000 children annually, campaigned hard for Mrs. Clinton. It called Mrs. Clinton the “strongest” pro-abortion nominee “we’ve ever seen.” According to opensecrets.org, Planned Parenthood donated $712,680 to pro-abortion Democrats during the 2016 election cycle, including $97,268 in contributions to Clinton’s campaign, its largest donation.

IMG 2624 150x150 A Very Tough Week For Planned ParenthoodIn contrast, Messrs. Trump and Pence may constitute the most anti-abortion White House ticket in my memory. Last Wednesday afternoon, Planned Parenthood posted the following on its Facebook page to quell the apprehension of some women:

Planned Parenthood has been here for 100 years, and one thing is clear: We will never back down and we will never stop fighting to ensure that Planned Parenthood patients have access to the care they need and for the people who come from communities that need our continued support in this new reality. Many of the people Planned Parenthood health centers serve may be concerned about their safety, and the safety of their families and friends. We will support our immigrant, Muslim, Black and Latinx [sic] colleagues, partners and patients in the face of threats made over the last several months. Health care should not be political. Every morning, Planned Parenthood health center staff across the country wake up and open their doors, as they have this morning, to care for anyone who needs them, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, income, or country of origin. They will do so today, they will do so tomorrow, they will do so every day as they have for 100 years.

Planned Parenthood lamented that it was “unthinkable” news that Mr. Trump, who made clear his anti-abortion position, could be elected president in 2016. Planned Parenthood Action, the political arm of the abortion group, issued a statement complaining over Trump’s victory, stating the following:

Today, our Planned Parenthood family, supporters, and patients are waking up to a reality we fought so hard to prevent. Instead of welcoming reproductive health champion Hillary Clinton as our first female president, we saw Donald Trump take the White House.

Then, in an email sent to her supporters, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards described her reaction to Mr. Trump’s election, saying she was “Devastated. Angry. Heartbroken. Outraged. Shocked. Sad. Disgusted. Ashamed. Discouraged. Exhausted.” But is Ms. Richards anywhere near as devastated as the unborn babies ripped apart by Planned Parenthood’s abortions? But now faced with the realistic prospect of losing its federal funding thanks to a newly-elected Republican president and a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate, Planned Parenthood has pledged it would keep its doors open to provide abortions regardless of the future. Perhaps Hollywood will have to step up.