Here is my last return to the bully pulpit on this subject, and once again, my opinion is my own, not necessarily that of Touchstone or any of its editors or contributors.

There is evidence that some Christians who were refusing to vote for Donald Trump because of his moral failings and his lack of appropriate respect for women are changing their minds.  Under normal circumstances I would have denied such a candidate my vote for the same reason.  I have never questioned their sincerity, nor their judgment that he is unfit to be President.  What I have always challenged, though, is their sense of proportion, given the only real alternative, and the strange, pharmaceutical notion that in refusing to give their vote to either candidate they are not supporting Hillary Clinton.  Of the latter perception I will say nothing more, for the reasoning is wholly opaque to me.  I do have, however, something to say about the former.

It seems that this “Christian argument” against Trump boils down to, “He, in his own way, is just, or almost, as bad as Hillary.”  This is supported by evidence of his very un-Christian conduct and opinions.  But that in itself does not appear sufficient to its holders to place him in the same moral category as Mrs. Clinton without extrapolation to the wickedness of which such a depraved individual would be capable in a hypothetical presidency, a gruesome tableau limited only by the power of imagination.  Now that suffices to Hillary-ize Trump and as justification for denying him one’s vote.  To that I must say, “You could be right.  I can produce no evidence that you’re not.  Voting for Trump is a gamble.”

Voting for Hillary, though, is not.  We know her well, and are in a position to believe her when she tells what she intends to do when she becomes president.  One of those things, shorn of euphemism and cant, is that she will continue to advance the platform and program of the Democratic Party of killing children in the womb.  Just how much does the addition of her mendacity and corruption add in the balances to this? Not much, perhaps. Just how much dirty talk, bottom-pinching, and fornication on the part of Donald Trump overweighs the possibility that he may help to do something about this, against the firm expectation that under Hillary the slaughter will continue? Also, not much.

Put in these terms, we no longer have a “better of two evils” situation, for the balance represented by weighing the candidates has tipped to that point where the observer may begin to wonder if one can justly be compared to the other, where the inhuman evil represented by one can be placed against the all-too-human sins of the other. My own opinion is that people who have not lost their sense of proportion under the influence of Donald Trump’s coarseness will recognize this and vote for him.