If you have benefitted from the writings of Touchstone Senior Editor Anthony Esolen–and there are many of us out there who have–you need to know that he is under severe attack at his school, Providence College, where he teaches Renaissance Literature. His “crimes” include 2 articles written for the Catholic web-magazine ‘Crisis’ which Rod Dreher links to in his post today at The American Conservative:

“We may wish to maintain a faithful presence in the institutions of culture, but that doesn’t mean the culture wants us there, or will let us remain without crossing lines that we cannot in good conscience cross. What then? At the present moment, the literature professor, Dante scholar, and orthodox Catholic Anthony Esolen is under severe attack at his own institution, Providence College, for having recently written a couple of essays criticizing the present conception of “diversity” on his Catholic campus, and reflecting on the persecutorial phase of our culture (here’s one, and here’s the other). Protesting students and even some faculty are attempting to drive him out of the college for wrongthink. They may not succeed, not if tenure means anything, but they are likely to succeed in making his life there hell, such that he would love to shake the dust off his feet and get out of town.

But where would he go? I can think of a few colleges that would love to have him on faculty. Ten years from now, will they? Besides, what about the younger orthodox Christian scholars who, unlike Tony Esolen and James Davison Hunter, don’t have tenure? If they disclose their faith commitments, they may not be let into the institution in the first place”

Screen Shot 2016 10 31 at 10.55.55 AM 216x300 Esolen Hammered by His Dominican College

St. Dominic, founder of Order of Preachers, approved by Pope Honorious III in 1216.

How much worse can it get? It is one thing when an orthodox Catholic is hammered at a state school–and that’s wrong–but another thing when a school like Providence College, supposedly a Dominican college, goes after one of its own faculty.

Dominicans have been known commonly as Blackfriars for the black cape worn over their white robes. Will those now running the schools founded by the Blackfriars increasingly become fascists Brownshirts, seeking out and punishing any and all dissent from LGBT orthodoxy and other PC causes? Can you express doubt about man-caused global warming? Are schools for learning or for indoctrination?

Pray for the Catholic Professor Esolen, translator of Dante’s Comedy, and for his family, for whom a living hell has been made by students and some faculty at a college founded by Dominicans for the spreading of Catholic education.

It will be 900 years this coming December that the Dominican Order was formally approved by Pope Honorius III. What would St. Dominic say about Providence College today? A good question to ask. The phone number of the college is  +1.401.865.1000.