hillaryclinton50 300x170 Planned Parenthood and Hillary Clinton

We are now in the throes of a presidential campaign in the United States which is presently scheduled to be held in 83 days. We don’t know, of course, what the final outcome will be, but many expect Ms. Clinton will be our nation’s next president. There will be some surprises between now and November 8th, of course, and the twists and turns should make the historic election an interesting and exciting one. Ms. Clinton appeals to a range of constituencies, and each of those are investing heavily in her campaign. One of those constituencies is Planned Parenthood (“PP”) and supporters of abortion on demand. Ms. Clinton has made numerous promises regarding unrestricted abortion, including repealing the Hyde Amendment and proposing a plan to force taxpayers to directly fund abortions. If successful, Ms. Clinton would put even more tax dollars into the hand of PP, our nation’s largest abortionist. Ms. Clinton further promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who would ensure that Roe v. Wade and unrestricted abortion on demand until birth would remain the land of the land for decades to come.

One can naturally expect that PP would fear the election of Mr. Trump. After all, PP has been the target of congressional investigations into the sale of fetal tissue and its misuse of taxpayer funds. Many Republicans in Congress are trying to eliminate federal funding for PP. And another 24 states have attempted to block funding for PP and to restrict access to its abortion mills. Mr. Trump has promised to defund PP if elected president, and his running mate, Mike Pence, has led the charge to cut off federal funds when he was in Congress and has significantly cut support for PP as Indiana governor.

Last month, at the Democrat convention in Philadelphia, Cecile Richards, president of PP, was given a prominent speaking role. In her speech, she said,

When Donald Trump and Mike Pence said they’ll defund Planned Parenthood, they’re talking about cutting women … off from lifesaving care. Make no mistake: Women’s health and rights are on the line and on the ballot in this election.

Ms. Richards has faced some strong political opposition over the ten years she has been president of PP, but in this election, Ms. Richards will serve as a key Clinton surrogate. Ms. Richard’s ties to the Clintons date back to the days when her mother, Ann Richards, was the last Democrat governor of Texas, and Governor Richards campaigned for Bill Clinton in 1992. After the death of Governor Richards in 2006, Hillary Clinton spoke at her memorial service. Ms. Richards’ daughter also works for the Clinton campaign. But this year, Hillary’s campaign intends to send Ms. Richards to campaign in battleground states, with the hope that she can appeal to young women, minority groups, and low-income women. In a recent interview, the 59-year-old Ms. Richards said, “We’re now finding that men are voting on these issues. I think what we’re seeing is a generation of men who want their daughters to have all of the opportunity that they can, and that includes access to reproductive care and rights.”

For Ms. Richards and PP, “reproductive care and rights” always means abortion. So if you read her comment carefully, Ms. Richards is saying that pro-abortion voters are specifically voting for Hillary Clinton so that their daughters can have the opportunity of abortion. That is, of course, very financially beneficial for PP, which aborts more than 300,000 pre-born babies each year, and receives well over $500 million each year in taxpayer funds. But this is only the beginning. At the Democrat convention, Ms. Richards told her hearers that a Hillary Clinton administration would press the United Nations to promote abortion on a worldwide scale and to make abortion a fundamental “human right.”

In recent months, I have heard from some friends and acquaintances who have told me that they don’t like either Mr. Trump or Ms. Clinton. Both are flawed, as we all are. And a few of those friends have also been pro-life, conservative, and deeply devout Christian believers. I believe that at the judgment seat of Jesus Christ, we will all have to give account, as citizens of a representative republic, for each of our votes. But it seems to me that if one is truly pro-life and concerned about the lives of the unborn, staying home on November 8th is not a real option. May God have mercy on us and our nation.