a8036ffe 0572 11e5  915100c Are You Kidding?In the current issue of Touchstone Richard Weikart has a review of Paul Kengor’s latest book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage.

Before reading this review this past week, I had an unsettling lunch with a friend who told me he looked forward to moving beyond the whole marriage redefinition nonsense (he called it “gay marriage”), now that both presumptive presidential nominees are all for it.  My friend said he’s against it, “of course, of course!” but enough already, huh? 

This is an optimistic man.  He loves talking about the vitality of American grit, and how our best days are still ahead of us.  He gets most angry talking about what he sees as the contained economic collapse of our miserable state of Illinois.  Everything bad in the country today is contained, in his eyes.  As I said, this is an optimistic man, and a depressing conversationalist.

I bring this up because Richard Weikart quotes from Mr. Kengor’s introduction where he writes:

Readers will wonder if I am looking to halt the redefinition and transformation, if am endeavoring to help change the mind of American culture on gay marriage with this book, to which I respond: Are you kidding?…Nothing short of a major religious revival will save [America].

That quote appears in the second paragraph of the review, and after reading it I set the magazine down on my breakfast table and turned to my computer to order Mr. Kengor’s book.  It’s weird what lifts my spirits these days.