Official Anglicanism, adrift on the high seas and blown about by every doctrinal wind, in the words of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, may have another stool to ponder. Rather than simply the three-legged stool of “Scripture, Tradition, and Reason,” Welby proposes adding a new one:

“… in the tension in which we live in a Global Church, there is another trio – of freedom, order and human flourishing – set out by Tim Jenkins in an article in 2002. As a Communion (and as churches) where authority is found in discernment, and expressed in relationship, this trio is of huge importance. It anchors us in the breaking down of barriers, in facing each other, in the beauty of human interaction in love.”

Anglicans who dissent from such drivel continue to meet, plan, labor, and evangelize; this particular story came to me via The American Anglican Council. If you want to speak with real Anglicans nowadays, this is a good place to start.