Psychiatric Mob RuleThere’s a post over at Crisis magazine about a doctor whose research unwittingly threw him into the maelstrom of both LGBT and psychiatric mob rule.  This depressing tale has just about all the pieces of a three-act play in 1,600 words.

The Crisis post discusses the work of the late Dr. Robert Spitzer, who was instrumental in removing homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, or DSM.  But he also opposed the pressure put on clinicians not to counsel patients who were unhappy with their same-sex attractions.  He presented his research on the success of reparative therapy for willing patients, and you can imagine what happened next.

The post describes Dr. Spitzer as a compassionate, trusting man, and an atheist.  I don’t usually think of academic atheists as a naive bunch, but it is hard not to see Dr. Spitzer this way.  What atheism lacks, among other things, is firm ground to walk upon by which one can assert that he is going in the right direction.  Without that, one can’t really reason and is thrust into a world where right and wrong, and true and false, are matters left to things like feelings, fashion and psychiatric mob rule, as Dr. Spencer would come to learn.

In a letter to an ex-lesbian, Dr. Spitzer wrote: “I don’t need Scripture to know that certain behavior is harmful to self or others.”  Dr. Spitzer understood broad categories of good and bad by way of a cultural inheritance that is ultimately grounded in God’s word.  His detractors were out to destroy that inheritance and every aspect of it, which included Dr. Robert Spitzer.