In defending his latest executive orders on gun control, President Obama quoted Jesus (again) this week.  I imagine he has a great time doing that.

In 2004, little known IL state rep. Barack Obama (time flies, huh?) sat down for an exhaustive interview with Chicago Sun-Times religion reporter Cathleen Falsani to discuss his religious beliefs.  Among the points he made during that interview were the following: President Obama quoted Jesus (again)

  • Asked to define prayer, he said: “constantly asking myself questions about what I’m doing, why am I doing it.”
  • He described sin as being out of alignment with whatever he thinks is right, and he described proper spiritual alignment as “being true to myself.”
  • He said his spiritual guides in life are Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Fr. Michael Phleger.
  • Asked if he believed in heaven, President Obama responded with the question “Do I believe in the harps and clouds and wings?”
  • He said the 1st Amendment was meant to protect the federal government from the church.

In addition, he’s condemned the Bible because he said it suggests slavery “is okay” and because he said it advises believers to stone their own children.  

And perhaps most notoriously, he voted against the born-alive infant protection act, which sought to provide medical care for newborn babies that survived an attempted abortion. 

Oh, and last year Michelle Obama announced that the Obamas don’t attend church because Sundays are more for napping than church.

(Recently, someone suggested that all my axe grinding makes me a less than credible source our president’s professed faith.  I suggested he stop listening to me and listen in on what the president’s own political allies are saying.)

Of course none of this is a secret. And President Obama knows from polling that if you go to church every Sunday you’ve most likely placed yourself in the demographic he refers to as “the enemy.”  And he also knows you’re probably already in tune with much of what I recounted above. 

And so, when President Obama quoted Jesus, he knew how the faithful would likely receive it.  I suspect he imagines we’ll hear it in the same spirit with which Carly Fiorina received Donald Trump’s praise that she is a beautiful woman; this after having done an interview with Rolling Stone magazine where he said of Fiorina “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?”

And just like Donald Trump, I imagine President Obama has a great time doing it.