I’ve been away from TV news lately so I’m not sure if they’re celebrating the War on Christmas this year or not.  Oh I hope so.  It’s been two years since Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon of All Saints Church in Chicago waylaid one of our parishioners during the Adult Sunday School class for bringing up the war on Christmas.  “War on Christmas??” Fr. Pat shot back, “This is no war on Christmas…”

War on Chistmas War on Christmas?  Puh lease.

Bill O’Reilly and the War on Christmas

Someone in the congregation raised the topic in hope of coming away with some good fightin’ words, but Fr. Pat only gave him a wry smile and a “oh knock it off” look (a fairly common sight at All Saints during our Adult Sunday School). And then he said:

“So the shopping malls won’t let anyone say ‘Christmas.’  Oh big deal.  That’s no war on Christmas.  Herod killed every first born.  Now THAT was a war on Christmas!”

I’ve been waiting two years to use that on someone.  I picture myself at a bar.  A secular humanist sort looks up and sees Bill O’Reilly in a rant, and then rolls his eyes and says something like “Oh who cares?!” And then I start in, “No kidding!  This is no…” Please don’t tell me the war is over.