A few hours ago we were $31,798 short of our goal of $175,000 by January 6. In less than four hours that amount has dropped to $26,240!

Please consider joining other friends of the Fellowship of St. James by making an online gift at this time to reach our goal. Every year we receive contributions in early January, some of them through mail postmarked December, some checks dated in December or January. Which year they come doesn’t affect us, as our fiscal year ends June 30.

There is another reason to consider a special donation today or in the opening days of 2016. The year 2016 marks Touchtone‘s 30th year of publication, and I invite you to help us celebrate. We are holding a Touchstoneconference October 13-15, 2016 on the campus of Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, and I invite you to join us there. We are seeking your support to help us pay for this conference. Allan Carlson, Anthony Esolen, Robert P. George, James Hitchcock, S. M. Hutchens, Russell Moore, Leon Podles, and Patrick Henry Reardon all plan to be there and speak. It promises to be memorable meeting!

I admit that I am disappointed that we have yet to cover our expenses this year–but I do hope to make that up between now and the end of our fiscal year on June 30. Let me hasten to add that, in the Providence of God, we have come this far over the course of 30 years, so I must leave the quantity of our financial resources ultimately up to our donors and friends, without whom we would be a former publication that folded. 
Wherever I go I meet people who praise Touchstone, say they read it (usually they mean online only), share articles with others, but who are not currently subscribers. I usually get a laugh from hearers when I quip that, while Touchstone might someday go under for lack of subscribers, still 50,000 people will show up at its funeral!

Anyway, it makes me smile to make that joke with no regrets–I put my trust in the Lord for his will for the fortunes and future of ministry. I refuse to treat it as a given which must survive, but will accept it as a gift that as long as it pleases God will be a gift that keeps on giving treasures old and new to others–for the sake of the upbuilding of the Body of Christ.

Thank you once again for your kind consideration and support. God bless you and yours.

A Blessed Christmastide & Happy New Year,
Jim Kushiner, Executive Director
PS. If you ADD $1 to your gift (so it ends with the digit 1 or 6) I will send you a FREE 2016 Calendar of the Christian Year! Your Year-End Gift will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!