bosch 150x150 On Our Lords Departure From the TempleFrom the Roman Catholic blog, Rorate Caeli, a brilliant homily stating the cause of all the troubles that currently besiege us:

If, then, we are all temples of the living God, it is God who should dwell in us, not idols or the devils who stand behind them. Depending on how we choose to live our lives, God will either dwell within us or He will depart from us. If we strive to love self even to the contempt of God; if we exchange the living God for an idol, making it the lord of our lives; if we conform ourselves to this world rather than conform ourselves to Christ, let us not be surprised to discover that God will have departed from us. For why should the God who made us for Himself co-exist with the idols we have chosen for our gods? He doesn’t. God, who is Goodness and Holiness itself, cannot co-exist with deliberate, freely and knowingly chosen mortal sin. He will depart and leave that defiled temple desolate. To be sure, as long as we live, repentance and conversion are always possible. His mercy always remains available. He will never refuse to return to the temple of a contrite heart. But if we should die unrepentant, our desolate temple shall likewise suffer God’s judgment.

This idea, incidentally, best expresses the original reason Christianity considers homosexuality a sin: fornication. heterosexual or homosexual, is the victory of self over God’s will—self-idolatry. A good argument to bring up when you’re discussing the issue with non-believers.