Roberta Green Ahmanson writes at Public Discourse about the New Dignity. An excerpt:

The New Dignity is a Gnostic project, and Gnosticism was always an elitist enterprise. As it was in the Greek and Roman worlds, so now there are signs that this New Dignitarian playground will be open and available only to serve the desires and the projects of cultural and political elites. For those on the margins, it portends new forms of enslavement.

The writings of the apostle Paul and the teachings of Jesus gave birth to a new culture built on human dignity. Today’s apostle of the New Dignity, Anthony Kennedy, has provided the movement with its own sacred text. An acquaintance recently attended a wedding (of a man and a woman, and not in a church) where the first “reading” at the ceremony was a passage from the majority opinion in Obergefell.

Sacred Scripture from the Inspired Pen of Justice Kennedy? He is High Priest of the Cult of the Autonomous Individual. There is no such thing as an autonomous individual in society. Never was, never will be. (Language is just one reason why this is so.) Our dignity is a gift, endowed by our Creator.