So asks Touchstone Senior Editor, Robert P. George at Public Discourse. Those who see religion as “the problem” have no idea how grim the alternative is.

Similarly, Russell Kirk asked in a 1992 Heritage Foundation lecture, can there be “Civilization Without Religion?” His lecture was published in Touchstone in 1993. Near the end, Kirk asks:

“What ails modern civilization? Fundamentally, our society’s affliction is the decay of religious belief. If a culture is to survive and flourish, it must not be severed from the religious vision out of which it arose. The high necessity of reflective men and women, then, is to labor for the restoration of religious teachings as a credible body of doctrine.”

That, dear readers, is part of mission of Touchstone. Kirk was one of our very first financial supporters, signing on to our project with these words:

“In a bent time, Touchstonespeaks up courageously for sound doctrine. It does not evade the great questions at issue. Through its pages a conscience speaks to a conscience.” We labor for restoration of faith, for Christ, creed and culture. Join the Touchstone conversation today.