What abortion rhetoric says about the state of our souls
by Joel J. Miller, Ancient Faith

If you want to understand how people justify their behavior, look at the language they use. The less emotional the words, the easier it is to rationalize the actions. We’re watching this play out with Center for Medical Progress’s ongoing Planned Parenthood exposé. But we’ve already seen where it’s going in the larger abortion debate—and the trajectory should give us pause. . . .

Learning to Love American Literature
by Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative Conservative

When I arrived in the United States, four days before the 9-11 attacks thirteen years ago, I was woefully ignorant of American literature. I had read very little and, it must be said, had little desire to read much more. In fact, it must also be said and, yes, confessed, that I had an ingrained prejudice against anything the New World might have to offer. Mea culpa! Indeed, mea maxima culpa! . . .

The Joys of Parenting
by Shannon Roberts, MercatorNet.com

Apparently parenthood makes a person more unhappy than divorce, unemployment and even the death of a partner, according to a study published this month in the journal Demography. If this is what journals and papers around the world are headlining, it doesn’t bode well for future birth rates. . . .

Kullervo: Tolkien’s fascination with Finland
by Hannah Sander, BBC

On Thursday JRR Tolkien’s early story The Story of Kullervo will be published for the first time. The dark tale reveals that Tolkien’s Middle Earth was inspired not only by England and Wales… but also by Finland.