Today from Anno Domini 2015, the St. James Calendar of the Christian Year*:

august 20 300x216 Mere Links. August 20, 2015

Be Like Ryan (Broyles): Good News from an NFL Player
by John Stonestreet, Breakpoint

. . . While his NFL career hasn’t gone as well as he would have liked, he’s doing just fine in the example department. Chuck Colson would say that Ryan and Mary Beth are examples of one of the rarest and most counter-cultural virtues: the ability to delay gratification. And his character is the reason that one Washington Post commenter called Broyles his “new favorite wide receiver.” . . .

Science Contra Hubris
by  Edward R. Dougherty, Public Discourse

Good scientific training is strenuous and humbling, because science is unforgiving. To spare society from the imposition of subjective pipe dreams, the prudence characteristic of valid scientific thinking needs to permeate the entire intellectual order.

Is Cleanliness Next To Godliness?
by Brian Miller, The Imaginative Conservative

. . . The great philosopher says he does the household chores because it is an aesthetic undertaking. Bringing order brings about beauty. And so it does. But not because order is being done for the sake of order. . . .

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