Lord of the Rings actor John Rhys-Davies decried Islamic terrorism and political correctness
by Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart
“This is a unique age,” Rhys-Davies explained. “We don’t want to be judgmental. Every other age that’s come before us has believed exactly the opposite. I mean, T.S. Eliot referred to ‘the common pursuit of true judgement.’ Yes, that’s what it’s about. Getting our judgments right, getting them accurate.”

The Washington Post Is Super Confused About Where Babies Come From
By Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio took some heat for saying that he was skeptical of global warming activism. He was asked about the reaction to some of his comments and he noted some hypocrisy he’s witnessed on scientific consensus: …

The Coddling of the American Mind
by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt, The Atlantic
In the name of emotional well-being, college students are increasingly demanding protection from words and ideas they don’t like. Here’s why that’s disastrous for education—and mental health.