Next weekend, July 17-18, our Good Friends at the Eighth Day Institute in Wichita, Kansas, are hosting an Inkling Festival, featuring Louis Markos as speaker, plus meals, live music, performances and more. You will meet many Touchstone sort of people there and have a good time:

• Festal Banquet: We invite you to join us as we travel back in time and space. We’ll pass through a wardrobe to enter The Eagle & Child, the famous British pub where so many of the Inkling publications were read aloud and discussed before publication. We’ll have a British-themed meal, plenty of pints, and Inkling music. To cap it all off, Louis Markos will introduce you to the world of the Inklings.

Morning & Afternoon Lectures: Following Third Hour prayer at 9 am, Saturday morning will kick off with Kevin O’Brien offering a dramatic performance of Tolkien’s famous essay “On Fairie Stories.” Two keynote lectures by Louis Markos and three breakout sessions will follow, all focused on our main theme: “The Ethics of Elfland: Virtue & Vice in Narnia & Middle Earth.” Lunch is included.

• We have five local bands lined up with Mitch McVicker as our headliner for an evening full of Live Music. Every half hour we’ll have local craftsmen offering a seminar on “The Art of the Common Place.” We’re organizing plenty of Inkling Activities for the kids, so please bring the whole family (16 and under enter free). We’ll have local brewers of beer offering complimentary drinks. And our friends from District Taqueria and Mr. Natural Soul Kitchen will be selling great food.

Cost: only $75, with meals! See more options.