The Coming of the Age of Gibberish
by Carl R. Trueman, First Things
Some white people now identify as African Americans. Somewhere out there someone who did not die on St. Helena in 1821 might nevertheless still identify as Napoleon. Is it now the case that we will not be able to talk about race or about the history of nineteenth century France without some equivalent caveat?

Ireland, Same-Sex Marriage, And Surrogacy: Connecting The Dots
By Elise Hilton, Acton Institute Power Blog
At first blush, the issues of same-sex marriage and surrogacy don’t seem to have too great a connection. However, in Ireland, a public debate illustrates how closely these issues are related, and it isn’t good.

The Escriva Option: An Alternative to St. Benedict
by Austin Ruse, Crisis
. . . Escriva said laymen need not remove themselves to monasteries to achieve perfection and that the places they would find Christ were precisely in the home and in the workplace. And it was there they would bring others to the Gospel. . . .