The Protohomosexual
by Tyler Blanski, Crisis
Why are so many straight people pro gay? Because the normalization of homosexuality is the premier achievement of heterosexual ideology. “Gay” and “straight” are not taxonomies but ideologies. They are not orientations but disorientations: whether bi-, homo-, or hetero-, hyphenated sexuality makes us lose our sense of direction toward the truly sexual, and the victims of such ideology are children.

Not Just Another Culture War Story
by Dominic Bouck, O.P., First Things
Media Reactions to Planned Parenthood, and the Way Forward

Christian bakers raise $355,000: were forced to close store after refusing to bake same-sex ‘wedding’ cake
by Steve Weatherbe,
The Christian bakers fined and gagged by an Oregon labor tribunal for refusing to make a cake for a same-sex wedding have raised $355,000 on funding website Continue To Give in the last two weeks. They plan to appeal the ruling that helped shut down their storefront bakery.