Terrorized Christian teachers won’t work in Kenya, forcing possible shutdown of schools
by Massarah Mikati, Deseret News National
Hundreds of schools in Kenya could be shut down as Somalia’s al-Shabab Muslim militants have terrorized teachers from showing up to work, jeopardizing the future of thousands of youths, according to news reports from the East African nation.

Western culture can’t be renewed until it gets sexual act right: Cardinal Burke in Ottawa
by Pete Baklinski, lifesitenews.com
Addressing the crisis of culture during his first visit to Canada’s national capital, Cardinal Raymond Burke stressed that defending human life and promoting natural marriage is the foundation of any truly human culture. The West’s preoccupation with death and destruction will not be “transform[ed]” until the “truth about the conjugal union [is proclaimed] in its fullness,” he said.
Do We Simply Want To End Poverty, Or Do We Want Humans To Flourish?
by Elise Hilton, Acton Institute
People of good will wish to end poverty. No one who lives in abject poverty wishes to remain there. We all know that poverty is a problem, but we differ on how to “fix” it. One clear distinction, discussed by Stephanie Summers, is whether we want to end poverty, or whether we want to promote human flourishing. This is a critical delineation.