Democracy Isn’t the Problem: The Benedict Option Meets the Buckley Option
by  Andrew T. Walker, Public Discourse
. . . If the Benedict Option is about developing a “thicker” Christian community that grows more deliberate about sustaining and catechizing itself, count me in. But if the only result of the Benedict Option is a more aesthetic and intellectual homeschooling movement, then I have concerns about its long-term viability. A Christianity that isn’t simultaneously attentive to both its own institutions and its public witness simply cannot fulfill the robust demands of orthodoxy. . . .

Religion vs. Science: The Catholic Church as Fall Guy
A book that didn’t deserve to be published
by Stephen M. Barr, Aleteia
Amir Aczel has written many popular books on science and mathematics, including one that has been published in 28 languages. He was a Sloan Foundation grant recipient and a Guggenheim Fellow. He holds a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Oregon and has been a visiting scholar at Harvard; plus he’s written for Discover Magazine and Scientific American. Given these chops, when I sat down to read Aczel’s latest book, Why Science Does Not Disprove God, it was with whetted appetite. I enjoy seeing New Atheist claims demolished, and I was about to see it done with erudition and finesse, if the back cover accocolades on his book were true. Alas, I was in for a surprise. . . .

Destroyed Foundations: Calling for “Bisexually Healthy Congregations”
by Bryan Ballas, IRD
With the gay rights movement getting old and the transgender movement in full swing, religious leftists are now moving on to bisexuality. To that end, Marie Alford-Harkey recently hosted a webinar stressing the need for more bisexual-friendly churches. . . .