Public Debt, Political Paralysis, and the West
by  Samuel Gregg, The Public Discourse
The West’s struggle with high public debt highlights the inertia and indecision of both governments and citizens in the face of difficult economic choices.

Rearing Slaves, Rearing Sons
by Peter J. Leithart, First Things
Fear never produces healthy child-rearing, or healthy children. Neither does guilt. Fear, for one thing, is self-fulfilling. The closer we clutch our kids, the more they squirm to get away. The more we isolate them, the glitzier the outside world appears. Jesus has a simple message for parents: Don’t be afraid. Don’t be haunted by past failures, because the merciful God forgives. Don’t be afraid of the future, because the Father knows what you need. Don’t be afraid of the world. Jesus has overcome the world.

Hundreds of thousands rally in Rome to defend natural family and protect kids from gender theory
by Pete Baklinski,
“We rally to defend our children from gender theory introduced in the schools, that damages the innocence and the healthy development of children, to defend the natural family from the assault to which it is constantly subjected by our Parliament, to defend the right of parents to educate their children, and to promote the right of every child to grow up with a father and a mother,” rally organizer and long-time Italian pro-family activist Toni Brandi told LifeSiteNews.