What is a Healthy Culture?
by Anthony Esolen, The Imaginative Conservative
They are also, I am coming to believe, interrelated things. I am not saying that each one implies every other one, necessarily. I am saying that they are characteristics of human culture, and that a healthy culture will manage to get most of them done most of the time. So when we ask, “Why are the churches empty?” we might also ask, “Why are our public buildings so ugly? Why do we no longer have any folk art to speak of? Why do neighbors not know one another? Why are there no dances for everyone of all ages to enjoy? Why is the sight of a young lad and lass holding hands as rare now as public indecency used to be? Why is no one getting married? Why have family trees turned into family sticks, or family briars?

The Church of Darwin
by John G. West, First Things
Right from the start, ­Darwin’s theory was about much more than scientific truth. Darwin himself believed that ­evolution by natural selection refuted the idea that nature displayed evidence of purposeful design. Writing near the end of his life, he wrote that “the old argument from design in Nature . . . fails, now that the law of natural selection has been discovered.” He recalled poignantly the sense of wonder that as a young man he once experienced in a Brazilian rainforest, which inspired in him a “conviction that there is more in man than the mere breath of his body.” “But now,” he concluded, “the grandest scenes would not cause any such convictions and feelings to rise in my mind.”

Porn: sexual cannibalism
by Jonathon van Maren, lifesitenews.com
Sexual cannibalism is our culture’s addiction to the flesh of others. But as we know, cannibalism isn’t healthy. And the evidence for this is everywhere. For example, Covenant Eyes cited in their 2014 statistics a number of conclusions about the impact of pornography reached by the Journal of Adolescent Health:
-An exaggerated perception of sexual activity in society
-Diminished trust between intimate couples
-The abandonment of the hope of sexual monogamy
-Belief that promiscuity is the natural state
-Belief that abstinence and sexual inactivity are unhealthy
-Cynicism about love or the need for affection between sexual partners
-Belief that marriage is sexually confining
-Lack of attraction to family and child-raising