Teenagers Are Losing Confidence in the American Dream
by Joe Pinsker, The Atlantic
Compared to their counterparts in recent years, high-school seniors in the mid-1990s appeared to have more faith in social mobility and less confidence in the power of having money.

Churches may be in decline, but Gregorian chant beats secular competition
by Leslie Miller, Religion News Service
A new Gregorian chant CD by a group of Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s classical music chart last week (June 10). The album, “Benedicta,” was also the top overall seller at Barnes & Noble, was No. 2 on Amazon and made iTunes’ Top 40.

The Darwinists & the Albigenses
by Anne Barbeau Gardiner, New Oxford Review
In Ecclesiastes 1:9 Qoheleth says, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Darwinist Michael Ruse (not to be confused with NOR Associate Editor Michael S. Rose) recently called evolutionism a “faith,” but is it altogether new? Or, to quote the Preacher again, has it existed “already in the ages before us”? One might well ask if evolutionism is a distant relative of the Albigensian heresy, a radical form of Catharism that prevailed in southern France for about four hundred years, from the eleventh to the fourteenth century. For when one examines the two “faiths” side by side, one finds striking parallels between them.