The Future of Marriage & the Natural Family by Allan Carlson
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Late in June, the United States Supreme Court will issue its ruling on the Constitutional status of same-sex marriage. Despite some promising hints of second-guessing by a justice or two during their April hearing on this question, the majority of seasoned court observers still expect a ruling saying that the penumbra of the Constitution mandates same-sex marriage. A hopeful minority look for a deference to at least some of the states.

For mere Christians, the issue actually lies at a different level. Authentic Christianity has never been a “national” movement. Whether viewed from a spiritual or a political perspective, the Christian communion has always been transnational. While paying necessary deference to the array of “Caesars” that history has raised (or thrown) up, Christian truth transcends them all.Viewed this way, same-sex marriage is merely the current enthusiasm of a relatively small number of deracinated, secularized, mostly childless, and largely white elites. The push for this novelty has been most successful in Western Europe, where the culture of death appears to be secure. Even “conservatives” there, such as Angela Merkel and David Cameron, have signed their own pacts with the devil on this and related “family” matters.It is important to remember that the same-sex marriage movement has won in the United States only because of judicial activism. In its absence, the matter would be but a minor irritation, confined to a few of the “border states” (i.e., next to Canada).

Internationally, of the nearly 200 lands represented in the United Nations, a mere twenty or so have adopted some version of the practice. Despite intense forms of bribery and extortion now practiced by the United States and the European Union, few others are likely to join “the West” in this latest surrender to the sexual revolution.