bigcover 28 04 226x300 The July/August TouchstoneSelect articles from the new issue of Touchstone are now available online.

Majority Report
The Future of Marriage & the Natural Family by Allan Carlson

“If the Supreme Court embraces same-sex marriage as a Constitutional right, it will—in the long run—mean little. Some children will suffer. For a time, the United States will formally join that small cluster of Western governments giving priority to cultural nihilism. However, healthy subcultures of orthodox Christians, Jews, and (yes) Muslims will survive the political madness; despite intermittent persecution, they may even thrive . . . just as Christians did in pagan Rome during the third century a.d.”

Higher End Gifts
Louis Markos on How You Can Take It with You

“How many of us have practiced for days a speech or a song or a musical piece, or worked long hours on a meal or a painting or a poster, or spent long years on a degree or a career or a relationship, only to find our efforts greeted with ambivalence or envy or scorn? Do we then nurture our talents only for the pleasure of others? Is there no other standard by which to measure our growth and our success? I think there is, and I think it resides partly within.”

The Genuine Preacher
What All Clergy Can Learn from Billy Graham by Robert Hart

“Billy Graham is a Baptist, and very clearly of the best in the Baptist tradition. But he has had ecumenical appeal and been admired by Christians from all denominations. A friend of Pope John Paul II in later years, and of many well-known figures in Anglicanism and various other Protestant denominations, he really did preach ‘mere Christianity.'”