iStock 000050458338 Small 300x200 Homosexual Sexual Assault Epidemic Grows in U.S. MilitaryOn these pages over the past several years, I have written a number of articles regarding the increasing dangers facing conservative and Christian young people interested in joining our nation’s military. In these articles, I counselled young people against joining today’s military. In one article from February 2013, available here, I described the large increase in sexual assaults on military personnel, and quoted one of the co-authors of a medical study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology, who said, “There are studies showing anywhere between 20 and 40 percent of servicewomen (experience) rape or attempted rape during their military career, and the vast majority don’t report it.” I further observed, “And it is also dangerous for men as well.  A review of ‘case synopses’ . . . by the four branches of the military for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009, found that 8.2 percent of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual. . . . Although thousands of homosexuals have been discharged from the military since the implementation of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in 1993, many of those discharged have been found guilty of same-sex sexual assault.”

Well, it is now a few years later, and as we could expect with open homosexuality in the military, the number of sexual assaults has grown significantly. How bad is it? Defense Secretary Ash Carter, who inherited this mess after years of Mr. Obama’s social engineering, admitted in a recent speech that the Defense Department is trying to “lead boldly on sexual assault.” Despite hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on sexual assault prevention programs, including “May I Kiss You?” training, the number of sexual assaults continue to increase. (You can read more about “May I Kiss You?” training here) Last year, Mr. Carter said, thousands more men (10,400) were sexually assault than women (8,500). Although Mr. Carter said, “No man or woman who serves in the United States military should ever be sexually assaulted,” Mr. Obama’s homosexualist policies prove how utterly misguided efforts to promote open homosexuality in the military during a dangerous time are for morale and unit cohesion.

Further, it is not only dangerous for those serving in the armed forces. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, the liberal Democrat from New York, recently observed that the spouses of service members and civilian women who live or work near military facilities are also vulnerable to sexual assault by military personnel. However, Senator Gillibrand said that these victims “remain in the shadows” because neither military spouses nor civilian women are counted in sexual assault surveys conducted by the Defense Department. “I don’t think the military is being honest about the problem,” Senator Gillibrand said in an interview. The senator said that her analysis of 107 sexual assault cases found punishments that were too lenient, and that the word of the alleged assailant was more likely to be believed than the victim. Further, less than one quarter of the cases went to trial, and of those, only 11 resulted in conviction for a sex crime. Female civilians were the victims in more than half the cases, according to the senator. In one of the cases reviewed by Senator Gillibrand, an airman allegedly pinned his ex-girlfriend down and raped her. During the investigation, two other civilian victims stepped forward to accuse the same airman of sexual assault. One of them, the wife of another service member, awoke in the night to find the airman in bed with her, and he had two fingers inside her vagina. In this case, the investigating officer recommended that the airman be court-martialed. If convicted, he could have faced a lengthy prison term. However, the investigator’s superiors decided against a trial. They used administrative procedures to discharge the airman under “other than honorable conditions.” The Air Force said the victims “preferred” this course of action. However, Senator Gillibrand found the outcome “suspicious” and suggested that the victims may have been intimidated. The senator noted, “It’s frustrating because you look at the facts in these cases and you see witnesses willing to come forward, getting the medical exam and either eventually withdrawing their case or the investigators deciding that her testimony wasn’t valid or believable.”

In a random act of journalism, in February 2014, the Associated Press investigated the military’s handling of sexual assault cases in Japan. The AP obtained, through the Freedom of Information Act, more than 1,000 reports of sex crimes involving U.S. military personnel based in Japan through early 2013. In their investigation, the AP found that there was a pattern of inconsistent judgments in which most alleged offenders were not imprisoned. Following the AP’s investigation, Senator Gillibrand asked the Defense Department whether the same situation existed at major U.S. bases. She requested from then Defense Secretary Hagel the details of all sexual assault cases investigated and adjudicated from 2009 to 2014 (during Mr. Obama’s watch) at four large U.S. military bases: the Army’s Fort Hood in Texas, Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, the Marine Corps’ Camp Pendleton in California, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. Almost one year later, the Pentagon only produced 107 case files identified above, and those were for 2013 only. Senator Gillibrand, then head of the Senate Armed Services Committee military personnel panel, said that the Pentagon’s refusal to provide information “calls into question the department’s commitment to transparency and getting to the root of the problem.” Indeed!

When the Obama Democrats charged ahead with the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the lame duck legislative session in late 2010, congressional Democrats ignored the dire warnings by many mid-level and senior military officers about open homosexuality in the ranks. But under pressure from Obama’s White House, the Pentagon civilian officials downplayed the effects of open homosexuality when it was implemented in 2011. (Nah, it will be fine, they said!) But today, with rampant male-on-male sexual abuse, the Pentagon is having a much harder time sweeping this travesty under the rug. (Do you wonder why we haven’t heard about this in any mainstream media?) And it seems to me, as even Secretary Carter stated previously, the number of male-on-male sexual assaults is vastly understated mostly because men are reluctant to report sexual attacks by other men. And so, as a public service to my readers, ever so slightly paraphrasing the immortal words made famous by Waylon and Willie, Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be soldiers! Especially if they are heterosexual Christian conservatives.