There are no columns of uniformed young men marching in the streets, touting their sudden rise to power, bearing flags with emblems of their cause. Should we see in the Chicago Loop, say, a parade with ISIS banners in support of the conquests and terror abroad–our media would surely report the scene, and maybe even venture a polite comment or two, just to be safe.

But they are silent about the dark truth behind the frenzy of threats from all over the country made to a state that dared pass a law essentially identical to laws in place in many states–a law modeled directly on a religious freedom law passed 97-3 in the Senate and signed by President Bill Clinton–with a similar law passed in Illinois and approved by then State Senator Barack Obama. The media is not only silent about the true story; they are feeding the frenzy by misrepresentation.

And the dark truth is that the homosexualists apparently hold that religious objections to same-sex marriage are intolerable for any reason and worthy of contempt and unworthy of protection. The law passed is not about homosexuality, marriage, gays, straights, gender–only about giving legal recourse, a day in court, to religious believers who believe they are being forced to violate their consciences. The law is not about “gays.” It’s about religious freedom.

But because of the wave of pro “gay marriage” court victories, overturning voter referenda and laws passed by representative government (our attempt at democracy), the activists feel they are in the driver’s seat and are going to roll over and smash any remaining opposition. And perhaps they will, aside from pockets of resistance. (Will they force affirmation of sodomy on the Amish?)

So, when Indiana–surely in part because of the persecution meted out to private citizens who expressed religious objections to, say, photographing a gay wedding–moves to catch up with federal law by adopting its own state version of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the homosexualists saw their opportunity to punish the most recent move to protect citizens from FORCE. They obviously want to force compliance.

The homosexualists and allies need not wear brownshirts, march, beat up people, nor even consider a new Kristallnacht for the Hoosier State and the others who dare not speak to affirm their ways. What did it take to enable the revolutionaries to intimidate (including private death threats) their opponents with less visible means–kinder, gentler, but no less effective? It took not only the silence of politicians who once supported RFRA but also their denunciations of Indiana–and a news media that covers up the news.

Apparently a law allowing for citizens to appeal to our courts to protect their religious scruples is just too much to bear for these homosexualists who march under the banner of inclusivity and tolerance. What will these brownshirts think of next? Reeducation camps? They will need a new motto. Instead of “Arbeit macht frei,” perhaps, “Compliance Makes You Free”?