Dealing with “Bad” Bible Verses
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

he books of Joshua and Judges, which begin with the conquest of the Holy Land by the Chosen People, are dominated by the imagery of warfare.

Mary’s crisis-pregnancy and noble Joseph
Denny Burk,

What does it look like to be a righteous person? In Joseph’s case, it looks like a guy who is conscientious about God’s law but who is also conscientious about grace.

Yes, Virginia, Santa Has a Face
Dusty Gates, Crisis Magazine

Last year’s media war fought over the skin color of Santa gave us much to think about regarding racial agendas, cultural customs, and the relationship between popular tradition and concrete history.

Christmas and the Humbling of the Wise Men
George Weigel, First Things

It might seem that everything that could be said, has been said, about the shepherds, the wise men and the Christ Child. But that’s one of the marvels of Scripture: The unfolding history of the Church draws out of the inspired Word of God allegories and images previously unrecognized.