Has the Catholic Church Changed Its Teaching on Sex and Marriage?
Robert P. George, Public Discourse

Amid reports of “earthquakes” and “seismic” shifts, we ought to remember the Catholic Church’s moral teachings in their wholeness, which have not shifted at all.

What Should Evangelicals Make of the Rome Synod on the Family?
Russell Moore, Moore to the Point

Should all of this even matter to those of us who are Protestants? We do not, as Martin Luther put it, accept the authority of popes and councils “since these have often contradicted one another.” And yet, there are some important questions posed here, that we should consider.

Christian group to turn former abortion clinic into memorial garden
David Yonke, Religion News Service

A Christian ministry plans to turn an abandoned abortion clinic into a memorial garden for the unborn.

The Vindication of Christian Sexual Ethics
David French, National Review Online

This is exactly the time when Christians should step forward with a different ideal, the holistic, healthy, and proven model of sobriety always, chastity before marriage, and fidelity afterwards — all because marriage is sacred, our bodies are a temple to God, and we love our spouses more than we love our own lives.