The Best Intercessor in the Bible
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

Arguably the most notable intercessor in the Hebrew Bible is Moses. Gregory the Dialoguist, in a letter to Augustine of Canterbury (shortly after the arrival of the Roman missionaries to England), wrote at length of this ministry of Moses.

Why Ecumenism is Necessary
Dale M. Coulter, First Things

Recent global events have highlighted the ongoing challenge of ethnic and tribal divisions. Americans have also been reminded by events in Ferguson that divisions along race and ethnic lines are just down the street. These ongoing divisions forcefully highlight the need for greater efforts at ecumenism.

Finding God in Secular Europe
Philip Jenkins, Aleteia

European filmmakers are turning their attention to religion, and producing some great works of art.

Stretching the truth past the breaking point

Tim Wallace, Mercatornet

The barbarism of the Islamic State is real enough, so why fabricate atrocities?