9 Things You Should Know About Independence Day and the Declaration of Independence
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

July 4, 2013 will be America’s 238th Independence Day, the day Americans celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. Here are nine things you should know about America’s founding document and the day set aside for its commemoration.

Faith Communities Are on the Front Line of Refugee Aid
Dale Hanson Bourke, OnFaith

The Abrahamic faiths share a command to welcome and care for the 45 million refugees around the world.

Church Bells Fall Silent in Mosul as Iraq’s Christians Flee
Andrew Doran and Drew Bowling, The Daily Beast

The advance of ISIS has ended over a thousand years of Christian worship in Mosul—the latest chapter in the long decline of Christianity in the Middle East.

The New Sins Of ‘Nonjudgmental’ Millennials
Daniel Payne, The Federalist

Millenials are like the Moral Majority, except genderqueer.