How Churches Can Bridge the Marriage Divide
Interview with W. Bradford Wilcox , First Things

What accounts for the growing marriage divide in America? Liberals like William Julius Wilson at Harvard tend to finger economic causes, whereas conservatives like Kay Hymowitz at the Manhattan Institute tend to finger cultural changes and poorly conceived public policies. They are both right.

The Intuitive Guide to Religious Liberty Law
Jordan Lorence, Public Discourse

Common sense can tell us whether particular citizens should be exempt from certain government policies for religious reasons. Codifying such instinctive judgments into formal statutes is more difficult.

How Scalia’s prophecy became a moral crises
R. Albert Mohler Jr., CNN

One year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, this much is clear: Justice Antonin Scalia is a prophet.

Exchanging Sex for Survival
Mike Mariani, The Atlantic

So-called “safe harbor” laws may help, but they overlook the vast number of teen runaways who use their bodies as their only form of currency.