Abortion, Slavery, and Constitutional Meaning
Nathaniel Peters, Public Discourse

Abolitionism provides the example for how to fight for a cause: underscore the humanity of those whose humanity is denied, provide compassionate care for those affected, name the lies that dehumanize and kill, and tirelessly argue for the truth about “who counts.”

Harvard’s ‘black Mass’ angers Catholics
Daniel Burke, CNN

A Harvard club’s plans to stage a satanic “black Mass” on Monday has drawn fire and brimstone from the Archdiocese of Boston, which is asking the Ivy League college to disassociate itself from the event.

Taking the Islamic Challenge Seriously
William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine

When Muslims commit acts of terror, it is standard operating procedure for some authority or other to assure the populace that “this has nothing to do with Islam.”

‘Hallowed Be Your Name’: Why Prayer Can Never Simply be Private
Matthew Anslow, ABC Religion and Ethics

My contention is that prayer should not to be viewed in a reductive way that sees it primarily in instrumental terms as a petitionary means to seek a desired outcome. While petition is indeed a component of prayer, at least as Jews and Christians understand it, it is not in the crude cause-and-effect sense assumed by most detractors of religious devotion.