Remedying the Divorce Culture
Arland K. Nichols, Crisis Magazine

Divorce is more common in my extended family than in society at large. My childhood home was a broken home. This experience fostered within me attentiveness to both the often-difficult circumstances faced by couples today and the Church’s teaching related to marriage and divorce.

And What About Divorce?
Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition

When it comes to debating homosexuality among Christians, the issue of divorce is both a smokescreen and a fire. It is a smokescreen because the two issues-divorce and homosexuality-are far from identical.

Moral Truth: A Lesson from the Donald Sterling Affair
Carson Holloway, Public Discourse

When we make moral judgments, we implicitly and unavoidably acknowledge that there are objective standards of right and wrong to which we ought to conform our feelings and actions.

Reading Acts With the Reformers
Timothy George, First Things

What we often call today the “theological interpretation of Scripture” is an important corrective to the reductionism inherent in the so-called historical-critical study of the Bible and the various mythologies it has spawned.