Who are Anabaptists?
Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today

We Mennonite Brethren have always considered ourselves a biblical people. While at times we use such statements as the Apostles’ Creed, we describe ourselves as confessional rather than creedal.

How Cosmos Does Religious History Badly
Jay Richards, The Federalist

Cosmos’s discussion of Bruno was so bad that even those who might be expected to give the series rave reviews had the good sense to object. If the producers had simply checked the Wikipedia entry for Giordano Bruno, they could have been spared the embarrassment.

Logic: What’s Missing from Public Discourse
Randall B. Smith, Crisis Magazine

What often passes for public discourse in contemporary society is really just a simulacrum, an imitation, of real “discourse” in the sense of a “reasoned exchange of ideas.”

5 facts about prayer
Michael Lipka, Pew Research Center

Here are five facts about prayer, including survey data on Americans’ prayer habits and historical instances of prayer intersecting with the government.