The Case for Divorce Reform
William J. Doherty, Family Studies

A substantial number of parents in the divorce process believe that restoring their marriage is still possible.

Why Silencing Christians will Continue
Rev. James V. Schall, S.J., Crisis Magazine

The number of subjects we cannot talk about in public discourse are rapidly multiplying. The older notion of “free speech” as a search for the truth through reasonable argument is being replaced.

Archbishop of Canterbury: Empty churches show UK is NOT Christian
Benjamin Russell, Express

Britain is “certainly not” a Christian country in some ways, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Archbishop of Wales: We ‘have evolved’ from the Bible’s teaching on divorce, why not gay ‘marriage’?
Hillary White, LIfeSiteNews

The Anglican Church’s “views have evolved and changed” on the nature of marriage “a subject which Jesus pronounced very clearly,” the head of the Anglican Church in Wales said this week; therefore, it can also change its teaching on homosexuality.