The Most Influential Essay You’ve Never Heard Of
Joe Carter, Canon & Culture

The people who are demonizing Christians for not supporting homosexual behavior—many of whom are Christians themselves—are doing so largely because of the plan that Kirk and Madsen put in place.

St. John Fisher, Marriage, and Moral Absolutes
Samuel Gregg, Crisis Magazine

In his October 2013 article on the question of communion for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics, Cardinal Gerhard Müller underscored that the Catholic Church had risked much to uphold Christ’s teaching regarding true marriage’s indissolubility.

Abortifacients, Emergency Contraception, and Terminating Pregnancy
Mathew Lu, Public Discourse

If there is any plausible reason to believe that emergency contraceptives cause—even occasionally—the death of embryo, then they are morally equivalent to abortifacients.

Mysticism, Monasticism, and the New Evangelization
Benjamin Mann and Abbot Nicholas Zachariadis, Catholic World Report

The New Evangelization requires a rediscovery of Christian mysticism, and a revival of the monastic setting which is its natural home.