Struggle In This World
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, Preachers Institute

Christians do a bold thing in praying this psalm, for they assume to themselves the very voice of the beloved Son. This prayer is made in persona Filii. Jesus directs it to the Father—Abba!—in response to His declaration,

Is an Online Church Really a Church?
Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today

Every church should have an online presence, but a physical presence is necessary as well.

What Hath Mozilla To Do With Hobby Lobby?
Betsy Childs, First Things

My point is that the First Amendment will not protect Brendan Eich from bullying or reprisal for his views. Rather, it allows him to continue to express those views, whether with his words or his checkbook, free from government interference.

Understanding a More Religious and Assertive Russia
Mark Tooley, Patheos

Putin has formed a close association with Russian Orthodoxy, as Russian rulers typically have across centuries. He is smart to do so, as Russia has experienced somewhat of a spiritual revival.