God Used Me to Stop a School Shooter
Interview by Caryn Rivadeneira, Christianity Today

Antoinette Tuff, the steady voice who famously talked down an armed intruder, speaks out about her faith.

Rebuilding Catholic Society
James Kalb, Crisis Magazine

The Church is not part of the State. Nor is she simply a part of civil society set up by her members to advance their public and private goals. She is an independent society established by God to be a light to the world. As such, she has her own principles of existence, authority, and action.

Searching for Clarity in Vocational Discernment
Fr. Bryce Sibley, Homiletic & Pastoral Review

The call of the Lord usually comes to us in a more subtle and indirect manner … left up to us, with the assistance of divine grace, to discern whether we are being called to the priesthood or consecrated life.

9 Things You Should Know about the Story of Noah
Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Darren’s Aronofksy’s new film Noah, which opens in theaters today has been criticized for not being faithful to the biblical narrative. But how much of the story do most people remember? Here are nine things you should know about the story of Noah.