Western Ignorance of the ‘Conditions of Omar’
Raymond Ibrahim, PJ Media

Syrian Christians are being forced to convert, subjugate themselves, or face death.

Shift in support for same-sex marriage greatest among black Protestants
Mark A. Kellner, Deseret News

The acceptance of same-sex marriage by black American Protestants has risen by about a third in the past year, data from the Pew Research Center revealed this week.

World Vision and Why We Grieve For the Children
Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition

World Vision has announced that its American branch will adjust its employee code of conduct to allow same-sex couples who are legally “married.”

Religious Exemptions Are Vital for Religious Liberty
Robert P. George and Hamza Yusuf, Wall Street Journal

The Hobby Lobby case is about far more than a federal rule mandating insurance coverage for contraception.